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  • 2016 Circulating stromal cells (pancreatic stellate cells) and tumour cellsin pancreatic cancer Apte, MV*; Becker, TM*; Goldstein, D*; Pirola, RC*; Wilson, JS*; Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation.
  • 2013 Targeting the stroma in pancreatic cancer - a novel therapeutic approach focussing on the hepatocyte growth factor/c-MET pathway Apte, MV*; Wilson, JS*; Goldstein, D*; Kumar, RK*; Pirola, RC*; Cancer Council NSW.
  • 2010 Alcoholic chronic pancreatitis: induction, progression and reversal Apte, MV*; Wilson, JS*; Kumar, RK*; Pirola, RC*; Phillips, P*; NATIONAL HEALTH & MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL.
  • 2010 Desmoplasia in Pancreatic Cancer: Role of Pancreatic Stellate Cells in Cancer Progression Apte, MV*; Biankin, AV*; Goldstein, D*; Wilson, JS*; Pirola, RC*; Cancer Council NSW.